The Crepes Suzette is one of the most famous French desserts. There are several stories about her origin and I wanted to share with you my favorite one.

In 1895, the Prince of Wales and future Edward VII King of England was having dinner at the Café de Paris in Monté Carlo. At dessert time, a young waiter named Henri Charpentier was making a Crêpe au Grand Marnier beside a chafing dish, but the flame under the chafing dish torched the alcohol which covered the Crêpes.
It was the best mistake ever made because the sugar caramelized and blended perfectly with the orange sauce and Grand Marnier. Henri finally got up the courage to bring the sweet mistake to the Prince Edward.
The Prince was pleasantly surprised and finished not only the Crêpes, but all of the sweet and sour sauce.
When the Prince asked Henri the dessert’s name, he answered: Crêpe Princesse. But the Prince decided to change the name to Suzette, in honor of a young French noble dame sitting next to him!  

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